Hip Surgery

A specialist in primary and revision total hip replacement surgery.

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Specializing in robotic and computer-navigated total, partial, and revision knee replacement surgery.

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We welcome and prioritize patients with Medicare insurance.

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Meet Dr. Leone

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care provides superb, highly personalized, end-to-end orthopedic care for people with hip and knee conditions. Dr. William Leone offers patients the latest, most-promising innovations in joint replacement surgery, in a compassionate, patient-focused setting. He has performed over 12,000 joint surgeries over the course of his career, restoring mobility and improving quality of life for thousands of patients from all over the world.

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What Our Patients Say

Back to playing golf. I walked all 36 holes, just 6 weeks after my hip replacement surgery.

Back to playing golf. I walked all 36 holes, just 6 weeks after my hip replacement surgery.

Frank Strafaci, Hip Patient
August 2018

My hip surgery with Dr. Leone was life-changing!

Choosing Dr. Leone and his team to perform my total hip replacement was the absolute best decision I could have made.

Karen Geller, Hip Patient
March 2018

Scuba diving six months after lateral uni knee replacement surgery. (video)

Out and about scuba diving in Northern Abaco

Robert Alvin, Lateral Uni knee Patient
March 2018

Following my hip surgery, I awoke pain-free and walked anew. My life has been restored.

It’s been exactly one month since my surgery August 1, 2018. My experience was exceptional. I didn't know what to expect so when I awoke pain free and your orthopedic therapists made me walk immediately, I felt my life had been restored as promised.

Peggy Eugenie Knowles, Hip Patient
August 2018

My new knee, my new life, now I can do everything I love

Today I do EVERYTHING and every sport I love (except jogging as you do not recommend that). My tennis game is better than ever and I am agile and quick with this new bionic knee!

Cheryl Duany, Knee Patient
August 2018

I decided to have Dr. Leone perform my surgery even though I would not have to pay for the procedure in Canada. What a good decision!

What a good decision I made! I was using my walker for only a week and got rid of my cane 3 days later. My recovery was outstanding and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Leone and his staff.

Rubin Todres, Ph.D Hip Patient
February 2018

I’m cruising the Bahamas and doing great six months after knee surgery. (video)

I'm once again super active running up and down stairs, managing the anchor and lines, preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Candace Andreozzi, Knee Patient
June 2018

Never too late! The total hip replacement was performed at 94 + 3 months with complete success.

After a very short recovery period, slow painless walking was no problem.  Today marks seven weeks since the surgery and walking is anything but slow.

Arthur Epstein, Hip Patient
February 2017

After I met Dr. Leone, I said, “This is my man.”

“He’s not only a great surgeon and an expert in his field – he’s a fine person,” said Joel. “Dr. Leone is really one of the most caring, considerate and humble doctors I have ever met.”

Joel Platt, Hip Patient
July 2017

I don’t remember feeling this good for years.

I don't remember feeling this good for years. I am back better than ever.

Linda Altshuler, Knee Patient
June 2016

The synergy you all create together truly makes miracles.

I hope you are amazed and proud of what you do together. It is phenomenal.

Dolly Garlo, Hip Patient
January 2017

At 81 years old, I went through the entire process without a minute of pain.

I kept waiting for the pain to set in. I never took any of my pain meds because the pain NEVER came. I went through the entire process without a minute of pain. I thank Dr. Leone for all of his pre-surgery preparation. I give all the credit to Dr. Leone, MY FANTASTIC SURGEON.

Miriam Bond, Knee Patient
January 2016

Truly blessed that Dr. Leone and his awesome team did my right partial knee replacement.

When my father and I attended church services this morning, we gave Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the gifts he has given you in your hands and for the knowledge you have that you have been able to share with others.

Inez E. De Jesus, Knee Patient
December 2015

My friend knew of Dr. Leone's reputation and told me I couldn’t find a better surgeon.

I researched you and The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care and consulted with a lifelong friend who has been associated with knee replacements professionally for over 20 years.  My friend knew all about your reputation and the reputation of Holy Cross Hospital and told me “I couldn’t find a better surgeon”. Each day my legs feel stronger and I do more and more.

Dru Ackert, USPTA, PTR, Bi-Lateral Total Knee Patient
June 2010

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