Dr. Leone is part of the Holy Cross Medical Group and will accept all insurance plans that the Medical Group accepts. Please feel call our office to see if a particular insurance plan is accepted.

Absolutely. Dr. Leone welcomes and cares for many patients who are Medicare beneficiaries. In fact patients with Medicare coverage make up a large portion of Dr. Leone’s practice. Although they are required to pay a fee for Dr. Leone’s services, all other expenses associated with their care is covered by their Medicare and their supplemental insurance. If a patient has a secondary insurance, they may be able to submit to their secondary insurance for reimbursement and depending on their specific plan, they may get reimbursed.

Many services associated with hip or knee replacement are covered by Medicare, including hospitalization at Holy Cross Health, prosthetic costs, anesthesia, first assistant, radiology, physical therapy, home health services and supplies. All of these services will be billed directly to Medicare.  It is only Dr. Leone’s service fee(s) that will not be covered by Medicare. His services are available to Medicare beneficiaries only under a private pay arrangement and will be billed to patients directly as a fee for service. This includes a consultation fee and, if surgery is required, a separate surgical fee.

First-time Medicare patients are charged $250 for a consultation which includes a thorough history and physical exam. X-rays taken during the initial consultation are billed to Medicare. Existing or former patients of Dr. Leone are charged $150 for the consultation.

Dr. Leone’s surgical fee is determined on a case-by-case basis, after the initial consultation. The average surgical fee for a total hip or knee replacement is $6,500. It may be higher for complex or revision cases. Post-op follow-up office visits for 90 days after surgery are included in the surgical fee.

Payment is due prior to surgery. The Leone Center Patient Liaison is available to discuss payment options with you.

Choosing a surgeon is a very personal decision, and certainly cost is a consideration. In our experience, patients choose Dr. Leone because they believe it gives them the best chance of getting the best result and having the best experience. Dr. Leone is told repeatedly by patients that “no one has ever spent this amount of time talking to me and examing me”.  They love that Dr. Leone really listens to their concerns and takes the time to really figure out their problems and individualize their care. That is what we are all about here.

Choosing The Leone Center gives you unbelievable customer service. Dr. Leone personally spends considerable time with his patients. As a patient at The Leone Center you get individual attention from Dr. Leone and not just a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner like so many other physician practices. At the Leone Center during office hours, we answer the phone (no button pushing) even during lunch. We return your calls promptly and as a patient of The Leone Center we are available during the whole process of care.

This is a personal decision about who you want to take care of you and how comfortable you feel with the surgeon. With Dr. Leone’s patient-focused, concierge model, he and his team are able to provide each patient with an exceptional level of attentive, compassionate and personalized care. Our goal is to provide the absolute best medical care while making each patient’s entire experience as pleasant, anxiety-free and comfortable as possible while achieving the most optimal result.

Dr. Leone personally spends considerable time with his patients. As a patient at the Leone Center, you get individual attention from Dr. Leone and not just a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner like so many other physicians.

As a patient of The Leone Center For Orthopedic Care, you get Dr. Leone’s Personal attention and his extensive surgical expertise.  In addition, you get unbelievable customer service. The entire team is engaged in your care and is accessible.

Dr. Leone has earned a reputation during his career as one of the nation’s top orthopedic surgeons for solving a variety of  hip and knee issues that other physicians often choose not to treat. As head of the Leone Center for Orthopedic Care, he has been instrumental in building the stature of Holy Cross Hospital as a nationally recognized leader in patient care.  His outstanding reputation among his peers in the medical community and the numerous referrals of new patients he receives from those he has treated in the past are a testament to his extraordinary skill and his entire team’s commitment to exceeding patient expectations.

Private rooms on the orthopedic floor are available on a first-come first-serve basis. The hospital charges a fee of $150 per night for a private room. This allows a family member or guest to stay with you overnight if you wish.  Once you are in the recovery room or PACU, you or a family member will be asked to provide a credit card to cover this additional expense, if a private room is available. If you know you want a private room and do not want to leave it up to chance, the Leone Center can reserve one for you as part of its concierge package which is described more fully in the next question.

The Leone Center offers a concierge services package to all of its patients, including those with Medicare. The package includes a private room for one night as well as gourmet meals from a special menu, a fruit basket, and a luxury Holy Cross robe. The fee for the concierge services package is $333.00.

Absolutely not. Many patients elect not to have a private room because they prefer to be in a room with another patient, or they do not want to spend the extra money for an overnight hospital stay.  The regular menu is very nice.