A successful surgery is only one part of a patient’s overall experience.

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care understands that a successful surgery is only one part of a patient’s hospital experience. In partnership with Holy Cross Health, we provide our patients with a better hospital experience and a higher level of personalized, end-to-end orthopedic care.

Our Patient Liaison and support staff are available to help with everything from managing pre-surgery logistics, to arranging private rooms and VIP meals, to coordinating consultations with medical specialists and much more. No detail is too small. Every effort is made to help patients through the pre-admission, education, and medical clearance processes as efficiently and easily as possible.

Our commitment doesn’t end when our patients are discharged from the hospital. We arrange home visits from trained nurses and physical therapists, outpatient therapy, or continued therapy in our IRU or other facility. Many of our patients opt for membership at the Zachariah Family Wellness Pavilion. Holy Cross Hospital’s full-service fitness center includes private consultations with a staff exercise physiologist who will design a personalized exercise program tailored to their individual rehabilitation needs.