The Leone Center provides superb, highly personalized, end-to-end orthopedic care for people with hip and knee conditions.

Founded on the vision of Dr. William Leone, an award-winning orthopedic surgeon, The Leone Center offers a human-centered model for care, based on decades of clinical experience and common sense: treat patients with respect and compassion by giving them personal attention, honoring their time, and providing them with the information they need to make well-informed decisions about their own health care. In our experience, a respected, well-informed patient not only has a faster, smoother recovery but also a better experience, which contributes to a better outcome. For us, the doctor/patient relationship is as important as the surgery itself.

This unique integration of clinical, surgical and technological expertise with caring, personalized attention from the doctor and his entire staff has enabled us to restore mobility and improve quality of life for thousands of patients. Dr. Leone’s emphasis on preempting and preventing pain after surgery has been a game changer. Patients usually walk the day of surgery and go home from the hospital soon thereafter.

Dr. Leone has performed over 12,000 joint surgeries over the course of his career. He prides himself on superb clinical results, and the evidence backs that up. Performance data consistently demonstrates lower complications rates, infection rates, and readmission rates than peer orthopedists as well as shorter hospitalization stays and better patient satisfaction scores. His practice has been driven by extremely satisfied patients referring their families and friends.

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