To all of you that are prospectively going to have a hip replacement:

There is absolutely no question if you are in pain you should do it. One of my friends waited a year or two and lived with pain till she decided to do the surgery.

My pain started in April and I had my left hip done in June and five weeks later I did my right hip. I was not in pain in my right hip but I knew that I would need the surgery eventually. It was the best decision that I have ever made. Now I’m seven weeks post-op on my right and 12 weeks post-op on my left and I am back to normal.

After my right hip surgery I was able to drive after one week, go up and down the stairs and did not use a cane or a walker after the one week period.

I am now walking on the treadmill at a pretty good pace. I am back in high heels. There is no question that my quality of life has totally gone back to pre-hip pain.

I am the kind of person that goes to one doctor and gets a second and third opinion. When I met Dr. Leone I didn’t even go for a second opinion. I scheduled my first and second surgery immediately. His bedside manner is absolutely par excellence. He spent close to an hour with my husband and myself discussing how the surgery is going to be performed in full detail.

When when I started telling people that I was going to have a hip surgery there wasn’t one person that didn’t say use Dr. Leone. It was amazing I never felt so comfortable with a doctor such as Dr Leone.

The staff, starting from Intressa at the front desk,  convinced me (by her actions ) that using Dr. Leone was the best way to go.
She was very very informative and had a lot of patience. Rose did all the paperwork in such an expedient manner that I am still amazed about it. I didn’t have to call or follow up, it was done 1 2 3. Tammy and Susan were amazing in the OR And post-op. They answered questions and they never made me feel that I was an imposition.

Dr. Leone’s specialty is hips and knees. I was so comfortable with him I said check my knees out to see if I needed surgery there. But thank God I didn’t need that.

There is no one else that I would recommend than Dr. Leone. I promise no one will be sorry and they will be very happy to live a life without pain, without pain medication, without being able to do the things that a normal person can do such as walk, bend ,twist, cross your legs etc.

One thing I must say in order to have a good recuperation and a good result one must do the pre-op exercises and the post-op recommended exercises especially the water ones . I fully attribute that to a speedy recovery.

All my best,
Gracy Weberman
September 23, 2019
Walking Without Pain In Jerusalem
Thank you soooo much. Everyone here was so impressed, thank you for giving me my life back!