Never too late! The total hip replacement was performed at 94 + 3 months with complete success.

Dear Dr. Leone:

On November 8, 2017, I turned 94 – in good health except for one rather minor problem. I could not walk without extreme pain and was virtually wheelchair bound.  Surgery loomed.

A short time later, I was fortunate to meet with you.  Although I was reluctant to undergo surgery, you convinced me that with modern advances, even an “old Geezer” (my words) could be a good candidate for “total hip replacement” – the solution to my problem. I was sold.

The surgery was performed at my age 94 + 3 months with complete success.  After a very short recovery period, slow painless walking was no problem.  Today marks seven weeks since the surgery and walking is anything but slow.

Your kindness and expertise, together with your outstanding team, has opened the door for me to a normal life for which I will be forever grateful.

With great admiration and appreciation,

Arthur Epstein