Joint Replacement Surgery for Osteoarthritis Q&A

As comments and very detailed questions from readers continue to be posted on my blog, it occurred to me that it was time to do a series of Q&A posts that talk about joints and why they deteriorate, as well as what treatments and surgeries are available today to get people back on their feet and enjoying a pain-free lifestyle.

Understanding Hip Fractures: How These Breaks Differ and Why Recovery Can Be Challenging

Historically, hip fractures left patients crippled or even caused death due to lack of mobility and all its associated complications. Fortunately, this landscape is changing. Today, with the advances in prosthetics for hip replacement and hardware to repair fractures, not only have deaths been reduced, but people are getting back to active lifestyles.

The Exeter Hip Stem – Still the Gold Standard in the Industry

The Exeter Hip Stem is thought by many to be the “industry gold standard” prosthetic stem for hip replacement. I have been implanting the Exeter Hip Stem in my patients since 1996 and the results continue to remain among the best in my practice.