Radio interview: Dr. Leone discusses current strategies for hip and knee replacement surgery

During a recent trip to Nassau to speak to a group of doctors and medical insurance agents about current strategies for hip and knee replacement surgery, I had the added pleasure of appearing as a guest on The Bahamas ZNS Network popular morning show, Bahamas @ Sunrise.  What made this particular interview so special for me is that just six months prior, I had performed a total hip replacement on the show’s host Romauld “Romi” Ferreira.

During the interview, we spoke about the advances and advantages of total hip replacement surgery. Total hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries ever developed and considered one of the surgeries that during the last century has had the greatest effect on improving quality of life. We also discussed robotic partial knee replacement, which was the focus of my presentation at the symposium, as well as computer navigated total knee replacement. Today’s technologies and techniques are making these surgeries less invasive and allowing surgeons to achieve more predictable and perfect results.

Most gratifying for me was to see firsthand how well Romi is doing. He told me his hip felt so well that he realizes now what an immense relief it is to no longer feel that “chronic, grinding pain.” He also told me that not only does he physically feel better but he feels mentally sharper because prior to the surgery, his constant pain was wearing him down.

To me, the doctor-patient relationship is as important as the treatment and hearing about Romi’s new lease on life validates my goal, to restore quality of life for my patients by making every step count.