Within eight weeks of surgery I went to Europe and walked 30 miles in eight days with no pain.

After consultations with five different doctors, I finally found Dr. Leone. He was very professional, thorough, humble, kind and caring. My consultation was not rushed nor limited. He was always prompt at returning my phone calls.

What I found most unusual is that his team is so well staffed and equipped, that whenever I called the office, I was never put on hold, transferred, or put through to voicemail. My questions were always addressed immediately, and answered satisfactorily, by whomever answered the call.

I had total confidence in doctor Leone and was at ease upon entering surgery. Within three hours of surgery I was walking with a walker. Five days later I was on a cane for only four. There was no swelling and little bruising when the bandage was removed 10 days after surgery.

The staff at Holy Cross hospital was very attentive, pleasant and competent. Within eight weeks of surgery, I went to Europe and walked 30 miles in 8 days throughout Prague and London with no pain.

Overall, my experience was amazing. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Leone, his staff and Holy Cross Hospital, and best of all, I am pain free!

Thank you.


Angela Conroy