Thank you notes from the Bahamas.

Dear Dr. Leone,

Since September 2018 my mom was in search of an answer to what might be the cause of her intense pelvic pain which was slowly causing her quality-of-life to diminish. Under doctor’s care in Nassau, she tried various forms of medicine and pain relievers including steroids, and an epidural, which provided either short term, or little to no relief. Finally in November, her local doctor concluded that she needed to have hip replacement surgery.

The quest thereafter was to locate the best doctor to perform the surgery. You were not the first doctor recommended. The first doctor was part of a large hospital regionally ranked as a Top Hospital. My mom was satisfied with this doctor after a very brief consultation, but she would have to wait for two months before a surgery date was available. Because of this delay, we considered the next recommended option — you. I poured over the articles on your website and any materials I could find about your work on the Internet. My concern was whether, because of timing, I might be considering second choice for my mom who I love dearly. I did not want to steer her in the wrong direction. However, the more I read about you the more intrigued I was. In the course of my research, we were notified that the schedule for the first doctor had changed so he could perform my mom’s surgery one month earlier. The new timing would be perfect, but I could not take my concentration away from all the great things I had learned about you. After discussing this with my mom, we both agree she should proceed with the consultation with you.

Thanks to a very caring Noris Ellis in the International Services Department, we were able to get an early appointment with your office. Two minutes after you walked into the patient room, my mom knew you were the doctor for her. You greeted her warmly, spoke compassionately about her situation and asked her directly about who she is as a person. During that consultation, my mom felt (and so did I), like she was the only patient you had that day. All of our questions were answered, you took your time with her, provided very clear explanations and even enjoyed moments of light humor. My mom walked into your consultation feeling a high level of anxiety, and I was filled with concern for her well-being. We had left two hours later, the dark cloud of worry was entirely gone. I remember my mom saying —“He is the one. That’s my doctor.” We immediately and confidently canceled the appointment with the other surgeon.

I remember how attentive you were and not just to caring for my mom, but also to assuring me that everything would be OK. I greatly appreciated it when you found me in the family waiting room after the surgery to inform me everything had gone very well. I also remember and appreciated the reassuring hug from you and Susan moments after I saw my mom sitting up in her room smiling just a few hours after surgery. I could hardly believe that she was up and walking just a few hours after surgery!

I have been around many doctors in my lifetime, Dr. Leone, but I’ve never met one like you. Now two months after surgery, my mom is looking and feeling great. People are

amazed how quickly she has returned to normal. She loves telling everybody what a great doctor she had, and that she, in fact, had the very best doctor.

From our family to yours, we wish you great health and continued success. Sincerely,
Daphne Delaney


13th April, 2019 

Dr. William Leone Jr.
The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Dear Dr. Leone, 

I hope you, your family and staff are well. It has been two months since you performed my hip replacement surgery. 

I am writing this letter to say a special – Thank you! These two words do not adequately express how grateful I am for you giving me back the ability to resume my life especially my gardening and daily walks. My hip is now pain-free! You are truly a great doctor and I consider myself very lucky to have had you as my surgeon. 

Your team (including Susan, Tammy, and Julie) and the nurses and staff at Holy Cross Hospital made my pre-op arrangements and hospital stay very pleasant and free of anxiety. I have been singing your praises to all of my friends just in case they ever need your services. 

Thank you so much, Sincerely, 

Mabel Elson