It has been my good fortune to have turned to Dr. Leone for my complicated THA surgery.

Dear Dr. Leone:

At our last follow-up visit, the subject of ICD compatibility with MRI scans came up. I just finished an apt. today with my Cardiologist which was preceded by an ICD check by a Medtronics tech. He indicated that Medtronics now produces a 100% MRI compatible ICD. The model is The Evera MRI ICD. Surely this is a great technological breakthrough. The device can be accessed on the Medtronics website.

Thank you again for performing a second right THA complicated by the need for repair of the distal femoral fracture caused by malplacement of the first THA by another orthopedist in another healthcare setting.

It has been nearly a year since your surgery (2/25/2015). I recall being discharged the day after the surgery with zero complications. No bleeding (I third-spaced half of my blood volume to my right leg at the first surgery in 2009, dropping from a Hgb of 14g/dl to 6+ and required a PRBC transfusion). No infection. Perfect leg length preservation (there was leg length discrepancy and angulation at the prior/first THA). After your surgery, the angle from midline when I compare my feet shows an exact match.

The distal femoral fracture is fully healed. Your surgery was truly flawless and beyond that, it corrected serious complications from the first THA done by another orthopedist.

I had/have some neurological conditions totally unrelated to the surgery which made rehab slower and more complex but I have taken your advice and “Moved on with my life.” I am independently ambulatory (a blessing one can only appreciate when losing ambulation at some time); working full-time; feeling restored.

Thank you again. It has been my good fortune to have turned to you for surgery.

You are the best of the best!!!!

Will see you in a year for a follow-up apt. Please pass on kudos to your outstanding staff, also. Hoping that 2016 is the best possible New Year for all.


Richard K. Lewis MD