At 81 years old, I went through the entire process without a minute of pain.

Miriam Bond 81 years old

Total Knee Replacement Surgery – January 6, 2016

After suffering from pain in my left knee for a long period of time I chose Dr. William A. Leone for my surgery.

I had attended a lecture in October given by Dr. Leone at Holy Cross Hospital about knee and hip replacements. I was so impressed by his presentation and his soft-spoken manner. He answered questions from members of the audience with great concern. I knew immediately that this was the doctor for my surgery. I called his office and scheduled my appointment. Dr. Leone made me feel at ease. I was filled with fear and trepidation at the prospect of another major operation. He listened attentively to my concerns and took time to answer all my questions. I am so impressed with his genuine interest and concern for me, his patient.

I wanted to schedule an appointment immediately but waited until January, after the holidays. During that 6 week period, I took time each day to do the exercises from his preparatory booklet. I wanted to be in the best physical condition I could be for my age (81 years). I also attended the pre-op class given by Holy Cross Hospital and found this to be most informative. It eased some of my concerns about this major surgery and what to expect.

My pre-op physicals showed I was in good health for total knee replacement surgery.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Leone saw me in pre-op. His conversation ensured me that “I was in the hands of a great surgeon” and that the outcome would “give me back my life.” When I saw him again, the operation was over and I felt good about having had it done.

The next day I was doing 2 sessions of PT and marveling at my straight leg. An Afib episode extended my stay at the hospital. During the four days at Holy Cross, I kept waiting for the pain to set in. I never took any of my pain meds because the pain NEVER came. I went through the entire process without a minute of pain. I thank Dr. Leone, all his pre-surgery preparation, as well as my exercising for being pain-free. But most of all I give all the credit to Dr. Leone, MY FANTASTIC SURGEON.

I’m now back in my walking routine and making plans for traveling. “I have my life back.”

Thank you, Dr. Leone.

Miriam Bond