I truly feel like a bionic woman.

Hi Dr. Leone,

I wanted to thank you for helping me on my journey to return to the activities that I love doing.  I would have written sooner but I am too busy having a good time.  I had one total knee replacement on March 5 and one on June 13, 2018. I can’t say it was easy; it’s a lot of hard work.

Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine in Boca Raton has been wonderful.  I am doing so much better than the first time. My recuperation on the second knee has been fast tracked.  Other than your precise surgical skills, I firmly believe because I was in physical therapy since March that the second knee was so much stronger. My first knee was no longer unstable so I already had a more supportive knee.

Around three weeks ago, I returned to riding my bicycle outside. I also started to hit a few tennis balls.  Your patients are given good material to read to know what to expect after surgery, plus some exercises to do before.  Although this might be mentioned in your packet, I would suggest that patients be advised, in bold capital letters…..if you want to give yourself the best fighting chance to a faster recovery, go to physical therapy as much as you can physically tolerate it.  I feel like I am the poster child for PT.  My left knee was done first because that knee hurt me the most, surprisingly my right knee was in much worse condition. And yet… I am doing everything in half the time.

In case anyone might read this, I offer some background. I am 63 years old female. I have been active in sports my whole life. I have always been bowlegged and it finally took a toll on my knees. I truly feel like a bionic woman.

Your entire staff is truly wonderful and very supportive. You have a great team behind you.  I must especially thank Susan and Tammy because of all their patience when I had questions.

Thanks again for everything.

Best regards,

Jamie Rothman