Dr. Leone,

It’s been just over two weeks since my total hip replacement surgery, and I am recovering well. Stitches are out, I’m healing quickly, walking with just a cane and getting stronger and more flexible every day. I don’t yet have the successful, physically strenuous adventure story to share, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

What I can brag to you about is the wonderful concierge level, VIP type experience I had going through the surgery. Doctor Leone’s staff had me totally prepared prior to the day of the operation, answering all of my questions, spelling out instructions and handling the necessary medical insurance issues. And then the experience I had at Holy Cross Hospital was amazing.

Everyone I met, from the check-in desk through to being wheeled out to the car, was a pleasure. They were courteous, professional and cheerful. They worked with me with skill and confidence, all the while treating me like I was an old friend.

I wish I could remember their names. The nurses had me well prepared for the procedure, the anesthesia team did their job amazingly well, and needless to say I’m sure Dr. Leone performed the surgery flawlessly. Post-op was a cheerful blur as the drugs wore off and I took my first steps, and then home I went, the same day. Overall I couldn’t be happier.

Special shoutout to Susan. We had a long, informative phone conversation prior, we met and talked the morning of the surgery, and yesterday she removed the stitches she had put in (and I admired her handiwork!). Well done, thank you.

So please accept this as the highest possible recommendation for Dr. Leone and his staff. You will be under excellent care and enjoy the experience.

Walter Gary Dynow