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Celebrity Bartender Back to Work after Major Revision Knee Surgery (Video)

  To whom it may concern, This letter is a very…

Pain-free ski holiday in Whistler after my hip surgery

March 21, 2020 Dear Julie, I just wanted to drop another…

My hip surgery with Dr. Leone was life-changing!

Choosing Dr. Leone and his team to perform my total hip replacement was the absolute best decision I could have made.

Karen Geller, Hip Patient
March 2018

Scuba diving six months after lateral uni knee replacement surgery. (video)

Out and about scuba diving in Northern Abaco

Robert Alvin, Lateral Uni knee Patient
March 2018

Following my hip surgery, I awoke pain-free and walked anew. My life has been restored.

It’s been exactly one month since my surgery August 1, 2018. My experience was exceptional. I didn't know what to expect so when I awoke pain free and your orthopedic therapists made me walk immediately, I felt my life had been restored as promised.

Peggy Eugenie Knowles, Hip Patient
August 2018

I decided to have Dr. Leone perform my surgery even though I would not have to pay for the procedure in Canada. What a good decision!

What a good decision I made! I was using my walker for only a week and got rid of my cane 3 days later. My recovery was outstanding and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Leone and his staff.

Rubin Todres, Ph.D Hip Patient
February 2018