Dear Dr. Leone,

Thank you so much for replacing my left hip on October 19th, 2016!  I really appreciated your calming approach to the surgery as well as your expertise.  Your staff was amazing, especially PA’s Susan and Tamara, who took the time to answer my many questions.  Everyone at Holy Cross Hospital that I encountered before and after the surgery were the best.

After 7 months, I have been able to get back to doing all of the activities that I enjoy.  I started swimming as soon as the incision healed and by the end of December, I was dancing pain free at a New Year’s Eve party.  Next came long bike rides, workouts at the gym, inline skating and after 6 months I was able to get back to my favorite activity of water skiing.  I have attached a short video of me back to skiing around the buoys and I will be doing a lot more skiing this summer thanks to you!


Sheryl Barber