Dear Dr. Leone,

I had to write to say “thank you” again. It’s difficult to describe what it’s like feeling normal again after more than three years of suffering from a bad hip. But perhaps the following description will help.

The weeks and months before surgery was excruciatingly painful – I was counting down the days. The day finally arrived and I was welcomed to the hospital and prepared for surgery by a lot of very nice people. I woke from surgery without pain. I had some muscle soreness and I was stiff, but the intense pain was gone. My entire experience at Holy Cross was remarkable. Everyone – I can’t stress that enough – absolutely every person I encountered was friendly, kind, efficient and helpful – from the person that brought my meal tray, the nurses, and therapists, to you and your staff! I got up the same day and walked with a walker a short distance. The next day I had a visit from an occupational therapist and two visits from a physical therapist – and then – I went home!  Holy Cross Home Health Services sent an RN once a week and a physical therapist three times a week to work with me at home. They were all kind, helpful and reassuring, and they made sure that I was safe, comfortable and on the mend.

I walked with a walker initially, then transitioned to a cane very quickly, and started driving again. After four weeks I was walking without a cane most of the time and ready to go back to work. I decided to take just a few more days off before returning to the office and my long commute to do a few things around the house. I pressure cleaned the sidewalk to my front door, painted the wall of the house next to the front door, trimmed the crotons in my front garden, repotted my orchids, and also did a lot of organizing inside the house. They were all things I saw every day, things that nagged at me because I wanted to do them but was unable to because the pain I was in sapped my energy and prevented me from doing anything more than bare necessities. The feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment are amazing. I also went to the mall and the movies and out to dinner. I plan to dance, go to my favorite places, take some vacations, and just have fun now that I’m “cane free and pain-free.”

It’s now six weeks since my surgery; I’ve been back to work for a week. My co-workers say I look younger. (I’m 69 years old and proud of it!) Before my surgery, I was afraid I would be forced to retire, but now I’ll be able to work for as long as I want to and semi-retired (or retire) when I’m good and ready.

I hope this finds you and your staff well and happy and taking pride in the wonderful job you are doing. Thanks again,


Patty Watson

Pembroke Pines, Florida

UPDATE:   July 3, 2020. Just an update on my progress. It’s for years now since you were placed my head and I am thankful every day I sent you a photo back then of me putting up my hurricane shutters and you said you hoped I was having fun as well. Well, I do lots of work, mow my own lawn, etc. But I also go dancing. I’ve been to Ireland, and I started working with a personal trainer a year ago and now walk 5K’s… thank you. 

 I hope you are staying safe and well. Patty Watson