Patient travels from Peru so Dr. Leone can perform her partial knee replacement

April 2020

Dear Dr. Leone,

I am doing very well and returned to Lima.

I am very happy and confident being in your hands. Very professional and very patient explaining every step.

Your staff is excellent. Always ready to explain and help. With a lot of patience. The hospital was very good. The therapy they made me there was excellent.

Thank you Dr. Leone for the good results! You are so kind and concerned for my well-being at all moments. I felt very peaceful in your hands! Now I am being very obedient with the therapy… Soon I will be able to swim and feel better

Again, many thanks!!!

Sylvia Muncher
Lima, Perú

Dr Leone: Many of my patients travel from around our country or other countries for me to care for them. I often ask them to let us know when they return home safely “so I don’t worry about them”. Mrs. Sylvia Muncher is a lovely lady who traveled from her home in Lima, Peru. She had a partial knee replacement two and a half weeks prior to her sending me this email when she got home.