Your Surgery Has Changed Our Life in the Most Positive and Miraculous Way

December 25, 2020

Hello Dr. Leone,

 I first want to wish you, your family, and staff happy holidays. As you’ll remember you performed two total knee replacements on my wife and a lateral partial knee replacement on me all in 2019. We’ve delayed writing this thank you letter as we wanted to see how our knees held up in the long term. It’s been a year and a half since our surgeries with you so we are ready to report in.

When we were considering knee surgeries we asked a prominent long term Miami physician, whom we really trust, who he would recommend for knee replacements and he told us that there were some excellent orthopedic surgeons in Miami, but his top recommendation was an orthopedic surgeon in Ft Lauderdale, i.e., YOU. Unlike some of the orthopedists we saw in our hometown of Miami, you did an extensive hands-on exam of our knees and you never made us feel rushed. You took x-rays and did a CAT scan for my partial knee replacement. My wife could hardly walk and was bowlegged due to arthritic deformities in her knees. We are both lifelong “jocks” and once we got into our seventies neither of could exercise much.

Among the good news is that my wife is no longer bow-legged and she is able to work out five days a week, including an hour of cardio each day on an elliptical machine. It’s like I have a new woman on my hands.

As for me, I’d given up doing any weight bearing exercise about twenty years before my surgery. For instance, if I rode a stationary bike for five minutes, I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I’m happy to say, that since my partial knee replacement, I’ve put 1,400 miles on my Nautilus recumbent stationary bike in the last eight months and I’ve had no trouble whatsoever with the knee.

It’s my understanding, that the partial knee replacement on the lateral side, which I had, is especially tricky so I am happy I had an expert doing mine.

The long and short of it is that your surgery has changed our lives in a most positive and almost miraculous way.

           Thank you, thank you,

             Effie and Peyton Watson

The Watsons recently hiking in the mountains