G.E. logo Leone Center for Orthopedic Care

GE Centers of Excellence are a designation awarded by GE to a few highly qualified centers which are spread around the USA to provide hip and knee replacement to their employees.

GE is one of the largest employers in the US and the program is designed to bring down employee health care costs while providing excellent care. These centers are selected based on a high-quality rating and experience. GE workers pay no or minimal out-of-pocket expenses. Many patients travel great distances for their treatment. GE saves money because the surgical result and experience are more consistently excellent with fewer complications.

“In my experience, the GE patients I’ve cared for through this program have been wonderful patients. Consistently, they’ve done their research and chosen The Leone Center at Holy Cross Health. They’ve put in the energy to organize and prioritize their health and many travel a great distance for their care. Both before and then after surgery they responsibly follow through with their care. Personally, these have been some of the most gratifying patients I’ve cared for.”

Dr. William Leone