Truly blessed that Dr. Leone and his awesome team did my right partial knee replacement.

When my father and I attended church services this morning, we gave Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for the gifts he has given you in your hands and for the knowledge you have that you have been able to share with others.

Inez E. De Jesus, Knee Patient
December 2015

My friend knew of Dr. Leone's reputation and told me I couldn’t find a better surgeon.

I researched you and The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care and consulted with a lifelong friend who has been associated with knee replacements professionally for over 20 years.  My friend knew all about your reputation and the reputation of Holy Cross Hospital and told me “I couldn’t find a better surgeon”. Each day my legs feel stronger and I do more and more.

Dru Ackert, USPTA, PTR, Bi-Lateral Total Knee Patient
June 2010