Trekking through Europe following my successful hip and knee surgeries, both with Dr. Leone

I was just about 51 when I had my first successful surgery with Dr. Leone back in 2001 on my hip, and thought my life was heading in a downhill spiral. Boy was I wrong, it gave me back my life, and was able to do activities with our younger son, that I wasn’t able to do prior to my surgery!

Then just about three years ago, to my chagrin I again went under the knife on my knee this time, thinking it would be a breeze. I was wrong as it was a much longer healing process. I do want to stress they were both a success due to Dr. Leone’s skill. He is a gem…both skill and bedside manner. Love the confidence he exudes and the fact that he takes his time with me and others.

I just returned from Europe where I walked over 16,000 steps one day, and similar a few other days, which converted over 6.5 miles in one day by the beautiful Danube.

Of course, I could have never accomplished this had I not had my surgeries.

Thank you to Dr. Leone for getting my life back to normalcy!

S.J. Alvarez