Thanks for allowing me to walk again.

Dear Dr. Leone:

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for allowing me to walk again.  When we first met, you were the fourth orthopedic surgeon who was going to operate on my leg.  I was born with this hip defect and had suffered many years until age 9 when my first operation occurred.

When you performed the surgery in June 2004 it was a total success.  I could walk without pain and expressed that to you with tears of joy.  Unfortunately, after that successful surgery in June 2004, I took a nasty fall in October and practically ruined all of your work.  After several hours in the OR you were again successful in repairing my hip.

You are a gifted surgeon.  You have been blessed with hands that can accomplish almost the impossible and a mind that makes difficult surgery possible.  I don’t think I’d be walking on my own two feet without your help.

You also have a wonderful staff that is always there for the patient.  I consider Susan, your PA a friend.  She is always so kind and willing to answer any questions that may arise.

Now here we are in September and I’m scheduled to have a partial knee replacement on the 21st.  You explained to me that it may be a total knee but you wouldn’t know until you got in there.

My husband, Gary and I have you to thank for my being able to walk.  You are the best surgeon in the state of Florida and I know all the patients that you have operated on will agree with me that you are the best.


Gail A. Machleith