Thanks to you and your team for making me mobile again. Now, life is good.

Dear Dr. Leone,

How time flies.  It started with your initial consultation last year (2016) which lasted at least 45 minutes and ended with you and your team giving me total knee replacements on 10 May and 16 August of this year.  Your lengthy initial consultation convinced me that all of the fear I had built up over the potential pain and suffering of a total knee replacement was not at all true.  As you had assured me, surgical techniques have evolved and improved over time and that my memories of walking down the knee replacement ward twenty-five years ago were no longer relevant. The two total knee replacements you performed afterward confirmed everything you had told me in the initial consultation.

I recall that when I went to my primary doctor for the “pre-op clearance” prior to the first knee replacement surgery, he asked me who was going to do the surgery. I told him that Dr. William Leone at Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale.  I then asked him if he had heard of you.  He said; “Dr. Leone is known locally and around the world as an orthopedic surgeon “rock star”. He then added that if ever I need a knee replacement, I would go to him as well”.

I informed you of this exchange immediately prior to my first knee replacement and added that in my view there is no better compliment you can receive than from a peer in the same profession.  No one else can judge your performance better than those who share an occupation.

In your humble way, you told me that your team, Susan Simonton, and Tammy Hudak were indispensable and shared any and all credit for success. I believe you are right because they respond to my every call and are always available. They are terrific and you are lucky to have them.

Thanks to you and your team for making me mobile again.  Now, life is good.

Best Regards,

Paul Higdon