Less than six months after my second hip replacement I can water ski and play tennis, completely pain free.

Dear Dr. Leone,

It has been more than 5 years since my hip replacement in June of 2013.  When you informed me that my left hip socket was “bone on bone” with no cartilage left, I wasn’t surprised.  Being born with a dislocated hip and having been casted as a child, I knew this would be likely.  My father had already had both hips replaced by a surgeon in New York City, thus genetics were not in my favor.  At 52 years old I still felt too young for this surgery. However, my pain was intense; I wasn’t able to sleep through the night any longer.  I was limping and had given up tennis a few months earlier because I could no longer run for balls.

My surgery went smoothly. I was up and walking on Day 2 and home on Day 3.  My pain was minimal and mainly incisional. After a few home physical therapy visits, I was able to perform the exercises independently.  I began swimming after my stitches were removed and gradually returned to my normal exercise routine.  Within 6 months I was playing tennis and rejoined my team the following year.  There is virtually nothing I cannot do that I did before surgery, and I am completely pain free.

I was even able to balance on a dolphin’s nose this past June in Jamaica, 5 years post op!

I am very grateful to you and your wonderful staff for guiding me from beginning to end on this amazing journey.  People are amazed I have had a hip replacement because of how well I move around, including chasing 2 granddaughters!  Thank you for everything!


Beth Zipper