As my physical therapist stated, “He is the guru of hip surgeries.”

As a professional educator for more than 4 decades, I have served in the capacity of teacher, principal, evaluator of schools, editor and consultant.

One word that emerges nearly every time and at every level of education is the word “standard”.  Not only relegated to education, but also to every field, the word evokes a feeling of perfection and performance. Standards, at worst, are to be followed and at best, are to be created and improved.

Dr. William A. Leone is one who is the best of the best. As a patient of his, who has experienced both a total hip replacement and its revision, Dr. Leone has gone above and beyond, by creating, implementing and teaching others in the technological advances that insure the safety, personal care and quick recovery of the patient.

I have been beyond impressed by his expertise, professionalism, bed-side manner and more.  As my physical therapist at home stated, “He is the guru of hip surgeries”. In a conversation with a medical professional from the Hospital of Special Surgery regarding my revision surgery, his last words to me were, “you are in excellent hands.”

There is no doubt that after meeting him, from the first time through complete recovery and beyond, that Dr. Leone is an agent of G-d. One never feels pushed to proceed without forethought, but feels the comforting words of a Sage. You are made to feel as though he is a close relative looking out for your best interests.

Susan Simonton, P.A., Tamara Hudak, P.A., Julie, Rose and Mary Lou are wonderful people and are to be commended for their work and my ability to heal and deal with the experience.

I wish Dr. Leone many more years of health and success.  May he go from “strength to strength”  as he continues his service to mankind.

With utmost respect,

Lawrence Kuczynski