I am a new person!

Dear Dr. Leone,

How do I thank you for giving me my life back?  After having two total knee replacements within six months, getting back in the pool immediately following the stitches being taken out, working hard in physical therapy and lots of TLC (not only from my family and friends but from your staff as well), I AM A NEW PERSON!!

I now attend Aqua Fit classes six days a week!  This from a person that hated to exercise!  Not only is it the best rehab therapy for the knees, but as a result, my overall health has improved tremendously!!  I’m taking less medication, lost weight, feel wonderful and met people that have become dear friends as well as my greatest support system!!

We then started to attend different gyms in search of the best instructors that would challenge us. Ironically, this afforded me the chance opportunity to meet an instructor that had two hip replacements.  As we spoke about our surgeries we immediately discovered we had one thing in common… you!!! As Jackie Apa stated, “we are a living testimony that Aqua Fit works”!!  We kicked our heels up to salute you!!

I would encourage every one of your patients to get in the water, not only after their surgery but before as well to get themselves in the best possible shape as they can!!

Please accept my deepest and most sincere appreciation for changing my life!!  We know we’ll never forget you so I’m sending some pictures so you’ll never forget us!

Thank you again,

Karen Russo