Four joint replacements in three years.


** Total Hip, Revision hip replacement, Total knee, Partial knee replacement **

Dear Dr. Leone,

First of all, I apologize for the time it took to get you this recommendation letter.  I am usually more timely.  However, what started out as a typical recommendation letter turned into a detailed description of the entire three and one-half year relationship.  Remember the comment you made about the rat bite in my other hip?  About having it done before the year’s end?   Well, that started it.  You made a comment to me about most of your patients see you for just one joint, and you don’t see them again.  That stuck with me.  I wound up writing a lengthy summary of all the replacements, problems, timings…all of it.  That is not the letter I am sending today.  This letter is a short, more typical style of a recommendation letter.  I’ll send the other when it is completed.  It is too long to put in your lobby book.

Nice work.  I walk pain-free, ride my bike, walk to the store, walked a 5K, and have to remember what it was like to just “barely get around”, living on pain medication.  Now, I go to the large Publix because I can walk the longer aisles!  Honest, I really used to go to the “baby” Publix because it was smaller.

Thank you again.  You are a gifted surgeon.  I feel I can confidently say that because I have been under the care of at least six other orthopedic surgeons before meeting you.

If you need me to speak with anyone who might be skittish, I will.  Please let the rest of you staff know how much I appreciated all of them.


Jim Hart