I will travel the globe to be in Dr. Leone’s continuing care.


My name is William Baker. I am an 82-year-old age resistant patient of Dr. William Leone, who performed my left tibia infection, left knee revision and right hip revision surgeries during the past several months.As a former Navy jet pilot, corporate executive, and ocean sailing seafarer (still), I know how important it is to feel fit and be fit.


In my view, there are three factors involved in evaluating orthopedic medical treatment options:

First, surgeon’s skills:  Dr. Leone’s surgical expertise is unquestionably at the highest level available anywhere. His state-of-the-art technology is well documented.


Second, doctor/patient relationship:  Dr. Leone’s engaging “we’re in this together” personal interest in full explanation and understanding is totally remarkable. His focus on patients’ real and imagined concerns is extraordinary.


Dr. Leone creates the comfortable feeling of being relieved at facing concerns of the unknowns and inconveniences involved with medical treatment. His welcoming smile and upbeat personality are, indeed, extremely reassuring.


Third, Concierge Quality:  It is my belief that no organization caring for people can be functional without the consideration, respect, kindheartedness, and tactfulness of every single member of
the organization.

I feel relevant within Dr. Leone’s care. His dedicated team reflects the personalized tone he has set for his practice.


Needless to say, I will travel the globe to be in Dr. Leone’s continuing care.


William D. Baker