I will be bicycling and kayaking in addition to walking and swimming.

Good Morning Julie,


I wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Leone and your entire staff for working with me in scheduling and performing my double partial knee replacements. I am able to walk for several miles, work out at the Aquatic Center and swim 1 mile. Prior to surgery just walking down the long hallway to my office was torture.

Last night I climbed the stairs at the beach just to see if I could make it. I have a ways to go but I got to the top and back down and today they are still feeling great. If the weather ever gets warm here in Michigan I will be bicycling and kayaking in addition to walking and swimming.

I so appreciate that though it is not usually done this way, having both done at the same time. My recovery was remarkably smooth. Being able to exercise has reduced stress more than I can describe! Your entire staff – and I won’t say names because I might forget someone – is so kind and accommodating. Coming from Michigan – having to fit in CT scans and surgery within the time that we were able to be in Florida – did not make your staff’s job easy. I realize that and hope all of you know how much you are appreciated.

I have worked in administration in the physical therapy field for 20+ years and my recovery was so much smoother and quicker than is typically seen. Your technique is truly state-of-the-art and we are so glad that our daughter works at Holy Cross and directed us to you.

Thank you again,

Jane Zwiers