I was actually looking forward to my two total hip replacement surgeries because I could not imagine continuing to live a disabled life.

Dear Dr. Leone,

About eight months ago, I started experiencing some pain in my groin.  At first, I thought nothing of it, and I told my wife that I must have pulled something.  I figured I’d be OK in a couple of days.  When days turned to weeks, and I found myself clinging to  a shopping cart at Walmart while literally dragging my feet behind me, I decided to see a non-surgical orthopedic doctor to see if I needed hip replacement surgery, since my twin brother needs to have the procedure(s) done and osteoarthritis runs in my family.

After being X-rayed, it was determined that I did not require surgery, and I was given exercises to do to improve my range of motion.  As it turned out, my condition continued to progressively deteriorate to the point where I knew I needed a second opinion.  Me being me, I got cold feet and procrastinated (I’ve never been one to take good care of myself medically).  My wife’s coworker recommended that I make an appointment to see one of, if not THE best – YOU.

My appointment with you was quick and easy and confirmed what I had feared all along: I needed two total hip replacements.  Oddly enough, I didn’t fear the news and was actually happy to have an answer to my problem.  As you said to me, “it is what it is.”  Your easy-going demeanor and confidence in the procedures was extremely reassuring.   At this point I was actually looking forward to the surgeries because I could not imagine continuing to live a disabled life.   Between that first visit and my pre-op and post-op visits and surgeries, I could not have been more pleased with the care and guidance provided by you, Tamara, Susan, and everyone at Holy Cross Hospital.  Specifically, you, Tamara, and Susan were extremely kind, and I truly believe that had a profound impact on my attitude pre- and post- ……BOTH times.

I am now two months removed from the first surgery and one month removed from the second surgery.  I met patients in the hospital who couldn’t believe that I had both hips replaced back – to- back, as they waited months between their two hip replacements.  While I am still recovering, I have gained significant range of motion and mobility in both hips since the surgeries.  I no longer use a walker to get around, and most importantly, I can once again pick up my six-year old daughter, Tia.  I have the utmost confidence that, in time, I will be back to 100%, and I can’t thank you and your team enough for making that a reality.  With the UTMOST appreciation, I thank you all.


Tom O’Brien