I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Holy Cross Hospital.

Last week, on July 11, 2018, I had the pleasure of being a patient at Holy Cross Hospital.  I had a total hip replacement by Dr. William Leone, and spent the night on the orthopedic floor.  I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Holy Cross.

First, the staff in the surgery center was a well-oiled machine—extremely caring, efficient and effective.  They made me feel comfortable and safe at a stressful time.  The complicated pre-operative procedures were thorough, careful, seamless and even entertaining, from Kim W., the nurse, to Katerina, the anesthesiologist.  Dr. Leone’s team Sue and Tammy, were fantastic, and Dr. Leone was magnificent (I am back in the gym six days post-surgery).

Second, the nursing staff on the fourth floor was superb.  I have been in numerous hospitals, and I have never encountered such attentive, caring professional, competent and enthusiastic nurses.  This includes the aides and trainees, too.  They were constantly checking my vital signs, monitoring and adjusting my medication, and asking if I needed anything.  The quality of care was nothing short of amazing.  A special thanks to Pam, Jerome, DJ and supervisor Edna.  The way these professionals operate as a team, including at shift changes, is mind-boggling.

Third, the PT and OT folks were top notch.  These professionals were as skilled and caring as they come.  Special appreciation goes to the tall fellow who helped me walk the first night (sorry to forget his name in my post-op haze)—he went far beyond his PT role and brought me extra pillows and water, without request—and also to Justin and Laura.

Finally, so many other things made my stay remarkably wonderful:  the soothing care in the recovery room; the private room, so well-equipped and comfortable; the ready access to call buttons (never needed due to extreme attentiveness); and the food, which was delicious, healthy, timely delivered, and amazingly personalized.  The highest quality of care pervaded every aspect of my stay—from cleaning staff (a wonderful, cheerful, loving lady) to transport staff at departure (so kind and careful).

In sum, I absolutely had to write to congratulate you and the Holy Cross Orthopedic team on providing the best hospital experience imaginable.  I almost did not want to leave, seriously.

Very truly yours,

Kristine L. Wilkes, JD,IFBB Pro