I cannot overstate Dr. Leone’s unsurpassed surgical skill and great care in connection with my hip replacement surgery.


Dear Dr. Leone,

I cannot overstate your unsurpassed surgical skills and the great care, treatment, attentiveness, availability, courtesy, kindness and friendliness, I received from you and your entire staff in connection with my December 2017 hip replacement surgery.  Within several days after surgery I did not need the walker and used a cane for only a few days thereafter at the insistence of my physical therapist.

I also received wonderful care from everyone at Holy cross Hospital during my one night stay there, and two weeks of home health physical therapy and nursing services through the Holy Cross Hospital group.  I was driving the second week after surgery (and rewarded myself by buying a new car) and two weeks after surgery was discharged from formal physical therapy at home (with instructions) and home nursing care.

I have resumed all of my normal activity with reasonable cautions and have all of you to thank.

God Bless you all.


Robert J. Hunt. ESQ.