I am utterly in awe of you as professionals and as people.

Dear Dr. Leone, Dr. Simonton, Dr. Hudak and your fine staff as well,

I don’t really know how to express the depth of my gratitude for what you have done for me.  I am utterly in awe of you as professionals and as people to say the least.    Undoubtedly you are aware of the longstanding reputation that orthopaedic practitioners have developed concerning brusque approach to patients and curt bedside manner.   All my life I have heard this; but it surely wasn’t my experience with you:  completely the opposite.

While I might not be mistaken for The Bravest Man in the Universe, I’ve never been an overly fearful person—until this past year when the reality of surgical intervention presented itself loud and clear.  I’ve sailed deep water in near hurricane-force winds, rolled automobiles, worked as a logger with maniacal Westcoast forestry lunatics, and raised four children—but this truly takes the cake.

And you were absolutely right—now that the starboard knee is done, I’m plotting a course for the port one.

If there is anything I could ever do to help you here (Grand Cayman), please let me know.  Whether helping to set up accommodations, water sports, or a place to lay your head at my house (kids are at university overseas most of the time), I hope you won’t hesitate.  Even a shore excursion or lunch if you come by on a cruise!  I would have sent chocolates and flowers but I figured you must have a room full of things like that already.

May God bless you for what you do and how much you care.  You are exceptional human beings.

Very sincerely,

Terry (Terrance) Watling