Back on the racquetball court less than 8 weeks after my hip replacement.

Dear Dr. Leone,

It is hard to imagine that after two total hip replacements that I would ever get back to playing racquetball.  I certainly could not imagine doing so at the same level as beforehand.  My first replacement was a bit more than two years ago and it seems like a thing of the past.  With the exception of my surgical scar, I am 100%.  My other hip was replaced less than 8 weeks ago, and I am already back on the court, albeit not yet playing competitively.  I fully anticipate being my old self within another month.

You and your staff have been nothing short of miraculous.  The attentiveness, courtesy, and caring throughout the entire process has made a scary and stressful situation much less so.  There was never a time when a question went unanswered; or a concern unaddressed.  Your affiliation with such a top notch hospital as Holy Cross, only further enhanced my confidence in everyone involved.  Well, I have run out of hips to replace, but rest assured if there are others out there in need of best the surgeon, staff, and hospital that ask for my experience, they will be strongly urged to go nowhere else.

Very Truly Yours,

Gary S. Maisel, Esquire