As a Former NFL Player, Dr. Leone was able to resolve my challenging bilateral hip revision every step with grace and “first class” representation

March 9, 2018

Dear Dr. Leone,

Playing in the NFL for 8 years delivered many blessings for my family, as well as contributing to my orthopedic issues. The Weidner Family wishes to thank you for sharing your time, skill and most of all your consideration to take on my difficult procedure. You and your staff not only resolved my challenging case, but performed every step with grace and “first class” representation.

Through my wife’s research and persistence, I was rewarded to meet you and successfully complete bilateral hip revisions in 2017. Today, every step I take I’m reminded of how fortunate we are in South Florida to have such a gifted, caring surgeon.

Upon departing from your office recently, I came across a gentleman who I quickly surmised by his gait he was in pain and searching for answers. I approached him and discovered he had an appointment with you. I pointed him in the right direction and confidently shared that your practice is simply the BEST!

Dr. Leone, we wish you and your talented team many more years of continued excellence and success!

Respectfully yours,

Bert and Renee Weidner