Failed hip surgery led me to Dr. Leone. My hip pain is finally gone and I feel better than I have in five years.

Dear Dr. Leone,

I would like to tell you my story and how very happy I am with the Hip Surgery you performed on me.

Five years ago I attempted hip surgery with another doctor using the frontal approach. Surgery was stopped prior to hip replacement due to missed heart beats. Complete heart check-up revealed no issues and I never did find out what caused that issue.

When I woke in recovery I found that my right leg was totally numb and could not move it.

Went to three different nerve doctors to find out that I had femoral nerve damage during the failed hip surgery. While I have gotten back some use of my right leg, it was still weak and not correct. Prior to this failed surgery, I was playing golf, bowling and had a normal life with some hip pain after sports activities.

It was with some reluctance that I decided to look into a second attempt at hip surgery. Several people I know said you were the one to see and that I would have great results.  As you know, six weeks ago you did my hip replacement. My hip pain is gone, I have more range of motion and am able to now exercise my right thigh muscle which previously had the nerve damage. This is the best I have felt in five years and it’s only going to get better with some hard work!

I want to sincerely thank you, your staff and Holy Cross Hospital for all your help. Everyone associated with me and my hip replacement were so caring.  I tell people all the time the wonderful staff you and Holy Cross have.

Best wishes to you all and stay the course, you guys are the best!


Bill Distler