Dear Dr. Leone,

Since 2008 I was being treated in Nassau, Bahamas for a bad back. MRl’s showed 5 herniated discs in my lower back which were very painful. In early 2012 my right leg was getting very weak; I had pain in the groin and started having trouble walking and at that time I started using a cane. My doctor told me it was all coming from my back and I needed to have back surgery. I went to Florida for another opinion and after an examination the doctor told me that I needed hip replacement and 95% of my pain would be gone once I did.

You and I met in early June 2015 and after the x-rays and examination you told me that both hips needed replacements! This took me by surprise but you were so calm and reassuring… You said seven words that made me decide to do the surgeries.They were “I can give you your life back.” I heard myself ask “how quickly can the second one be done??” I couldn’t believe I said that because I am not brave when it comes to anything medical.

My son was with me and he couldn’t believe it either!! You didn’t overwhelm me with details but you answered my questions, alleviating all my fears and concerns.

From there on everything went so well. I was given a folder from your office, “Preparing for Your Total Hip Replacement”, and it was like my bible!! Everything I needed to know was in there. Everyone in your office was so wonderful!! No matter how many times I called or e-mailed,they never made me feel like I was bothering them!!

The hospital was just as amazing,getting everything approved with my insurance and keeping me updated on everything. I attended the Pre-Surgical Orthopedic class two days before the first surgery. I couldn’t walk to the room where it was being held,I had to go in a wheel chair, I had become that bad. This class really helped me and I would recommend it for everyone facing hip replacement.

The day of the first surgery when you came to see me you told me when I wake up the pain that I have had would be gone, and you were 100% correct.

The care that I received from you,your team,the nurses and the physical therapists was incredible.. I was a raid to leave the hospital but the physical therapist worked with my son and assured me that I was doing well enough to leave.. I left the hospital 2 days after surgery and received home care from Holy Cross which was outstanding II

When I saw you in September for my 4 week checkup you were really pleased with my progress.. I knew I w s starting over but I didn’t really know what that meant at the time. I didn’t realize how limited and restricted ) my life had become..

I am so very grateful to you for being true to your word and giving me my life back.. Everyday I understand more and more what that really means.. I now take the stairs instead of elevators.. I take the farthest parking spot from where I’m going..When someone needs something I try to be the first one to my feet to get it.. These are things that I couldn’t do for many years,but now I can! And I am 100% pain free!

“Thank You” just doesn’t seem like enough to say..but I say it at least 100 times a day, with each step I take..I am forever indebted to you.. I pray God’s richest blessing for you,your family and team.

Donna C. Sweeting