I want to thank you for doing God’s work and giving me back my life.

Dear Dr. Leone,

First, I want to thank God, second my wife for doing the research and finding the best orthopedic surgeon in South Florida, and finally, I want to thank you for doing God’s work and giving me back my life.  From the beginning, you spent time with me, put me at ease, answered all my questions, and gave me confidence.  My hip was dramatically damaged compounded by the fact that my left leg was half an inch shorter than my right leg since birth causing me to limp my whole life.  I was told three years ago that I needed a hip replacement but procrastinated until the pain was unbearable and I could not walk without a cane.  You performed a total hip replacement and also stretched my leg to make them even.  Six weeks later, I am walking without a cane and without limping.  The pain is gone and I feel like a new man at 62 years old.

You are truly an expert in your field, and your calm and confident manner puts your patients as ease.  Not only are you amazing, bur your staff is as well.  Rose, Tamara, and Susan were professional, kind and competent.

I cannot thank you enough, on behalf of myself and my family.  You have greatly improved the quality of my life and I can finally look forward to a pain free life.

God Bless you, Dr. Leone.


Bernardo Rosa