My partial knee replacement feels great six weeks post-surgery.

Dear Dr. Leone,

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful care and expertise provided by you and your associates. Two other surgeons determined I would require a total knee replacement to provide a positive outcome for my bone on bone arthritic knee. Obviously, they were incorrect. My partial knee replacement feels great 6 weeks post-surgery. I never needed a walker or cane. My knee immediately felt aligned and in good working order. I am still strengthening the leg, but all my muscles are now firing and I’m probably a month away from being as strong as I was pre-surgery.  Based on my progress, I anticipate an as good as new result.  I have been hitting golf balls for 2 weeks without any of the prior knee pain.

Sitting in your waiting room and watching videos of your surgeries and technologies employed was fascinating and very educational. I learned how new technologies enabled you to know with a pretty high degree of certainty that a replaced joint was properly situated and balanced ensuring an optimum outcome. The first time I felt my knee after the partial replacement, I knew right away that I would have a great outcome.

You and your associates were most attentive and caring throughout the entire process. I always felt that time was made to address my questions and concerns. Thank you for treating me conservatively and not performing a total knee replacement because it was a sure thing. You are a truly outstanding surgeon and I was most fortunate to have met you.

Very truly yours,

Bart H. Friedman