Although complex, I moved forward with total confidence, knowing I had the very best opportunity for a successful PKR surgery.

Dear Dr. Leone,

It can be a stressful process dealing with ever increasing pain, reduced mobility, the decision to seek medical help, actually choosing a medical professional…and ultimately being confident and comfortable with that choice. As an active senior, recently at age 74, I was faced with all of these issues; and I became committed to locating the orthopedic physician acknowledged to be #1 by the medical community itself.  I needed a partial knee replacement, and I felt that the quality of the rest of my life depended on this decision, and so my quest began.

I researched extensively online, and the evidence for one particular physician was overwhelming as to his credentials, experience, patient satisfaction and the esteem of the medical community itself.  My choosing Dr. William A. Leone was the result, and I then moved forward with total confidence that I now had the very best opportunity for success with this complex surgery.

 My procedure was performed on June 14th this year, and now on August 25th, I am pain free, working out at the gym and well on my way to resuming my former running schedule.

Every aspect of my experience with Dr. Leone and his staff exceeded my expectations. Every member of his staff is friendly, welcoming and professional. His love of people; his dedication to his field; and his warm, bedside manner all made him feel more like a close friend than a world class doctor.

At this point in my life, and with this issue at hand, choosing Dr. Leone was the best decision I possibly could have made!

Warm regards,

Ed Frado

West Palm Beach, FL