After a Total Hip Replacement this CPA was able to regain my passion and return to the ice hockey rink.

Dear Dr. Leone,

While going through the “scrap book” in one of your examining rooms I saw hundreds of letters from your patients thanking you for giving them back their lives. Well make that one more!

I am a C.P.A. by trade, but my passion is recreational ice hockey. For several months I played through what I thought was a groin pull, but even after laying off the hockey for several weeks the pain did not go away. I finally went to Orthopedic Associates who diagnosed Osteoarthritis of the right hip. With the help of an anti-inflammatory I continued to play recreational hockey for another year before the pain became too much. Thankfully I knew two of your patients that you performed hip replacement surgery on who highly recommended you and your whole team.

Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I was back to work in less than three weeks, and back on the ice in six months, doing what I love in my spare time. I’ll be 62 next month, and I am resigned to playing once a week with the over 50 guys, but loving it just the same thanks to you and your wonderful staff. You were highly recommended and I will pass it on!

All the Best,

Mike Vento