Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery, also called total hip arthroplasty, involves removing a diseased hip joint and replacing it with an artificial joint, called a prosthesis. Hip replacement is typically used for people with hip joint damage from arthritis, which is often secondary to injury or a subtle congenital abnormality. It is the second most common joint replacement procedure performed and closely follows knee replacementsHip replacement has proven to be one of the most successful surgeries ever developed, predictably relieving pain and improving quality of life.

Hip replacement surgery is generally performed when the hip joint has reached a point of destruction when limitations and painful symptoms can no longer be controlled with non-operative treatments.

Total hip replacement or total hip replacement surgery is a procedure where the diseased cartilage and bone of the hip joint is surgically replaced with artificial materials. A total hip replacement prosthesis consists of a ball which is made of metal or ceramic and held in a precise position by a metal stem (often titanium). The stem is inserted down the marrow cavity of the femur. The ball is inserted into the new socket which consists of a liner with special wear characteristics (made of plastic, ceramic or metal) and which is supported by a titanium shell placed next to living bone so that bone grows into it. The materials chosen for these implants have been studied extensively over the years and are used because of their biocompatibility (they are accepted by your body), resistance to corrosion and mechanical properties.

Wonderful recent advances have been made by scientists and implant designers, which vastly improve the wear characteristics so they can last in our bodies much longer.


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