Dear Dr. Leone,
I visited you this past week for my 6 week check up following my surgery for total replacement of my left hip. No one – including me – can believe how quickly I’ve made a phenomenal recovery from my surgery. I’m walking “normally” without a cane and with absolutely no discomfort.

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job that you did!! You were the fourth orthopedist that I “interviewed.”  I chose you for several reasons and am so thrilled that I did:

1. You came highly recommended to me by a racquetball friend of my husband’s that you operated on for total hip replacement several years ago.
2. You came highly recommended to me by a close friend of mine whose mother has worked at Holy Cross in the administrative department for many years and said you were by far the best of the best.
3. I viewed your website and really liked what you had to say.
4. When I came to your office for my initial consultation it was very very different from the other doctors I had “interviewed.” The whole experience was far better than anything I had experienced thus far.  I felt as though I was royally treated and greatly appreciated the information on “who’s who” of your staff and their phone numbers. Your examination of me, my MRI, and my xray was the most in-depth and insightful.

After my actual surgery I had minimal pain. Everyone at Holy Cross – including the nurses and the physical therapists were terrific! The first few days after my surgery were “challenging” to be sure but I made rapid and amazing progress every day!

My whole surgical experience was blissful – far better than I could have ever anticipated. I am very thankful that I selected you to do my surgery.

You certainly are a very skilled and caring surgeon who has lived up to your outstanding reputation!

I will gladly and proudly recommend you to anyone that I know of who is in need of hip surgery.

Many many thanks!
Toni Farber