Dr. Leone saved me. I was born with hemophilia A, which has resulted in the destruction of multiple joints throughout my life due to bleeding. I was only 44 years old when I met Dr. Leone. I had had a total knee replacement performed in another state for severe arthritis. Unfortunately there were complications, including an infection. Because of my hemophilia, treating me would require more surgery which was much more complicated.

I did not live in Florida at the time but my parents did. I was initially referred to Dr. Gordon Hill and he referred me to Dr. William Leone as the “only man for the job.” I think Dr. Leone was the only one who would take my case.

Dr. Leone removed my artificial knee and cleaned out the infection. After being treated with IV antibiotics and Factor VIII he put a new knee back in. It was extremely complicated because of the degree of bone loss and my bleeding problems. I remember he was so proud of the result and even showed my X-rays to other doctors during lectures he gave. He placed an allograft femur inside my remaining femur in order to reconstruct the destroyed femur. The allograft femur came from a bone bank. He was able to get my remaining bone to heal to the allograft bone and in this way the surrounding soft tissues were preserved.

Although my motion was never great, I’ve been infection free and able to live independently. I did move to South Florida after my surgery and then to New Mexico. I again returned to Florida but now live in Daytona Beach. In spite of the many miles I’ve always lived from Dr. Leone, I continue to travel to have him check me because I trust him.


Tim Plumeri