March 5, 2015

Re: My Right Hip Revision Surgery

Dear Dr. Leone:

A good attorney marshals his facts. Forty-five+ years of lawyering taught me to appreciate honesty, competence and professionalism. We met for the first time on December 17, 2014 when I traveled from Fort Myers for a consult regarding a failed hip potential revision and replacement. You gave me all the time I wanted to explain all involved and I agreed to have you perform surgery on January 7.
On that day I underwent anesthetic with a full explanation from you and your assistants. As this was my third operation on the same hip (both previously performed in Chicago), I still had anxieties but you and your staff made me as comfortable pre-op as humanly possible. Your calm demeanor post-op dispelled my residual anxiety. Did I mention that your operation was very successful and that I have expectations of shortly returning to the golf course?

Your genuine concern for your patients sets a standard to be emulated by your peers. So, thanks Doc. You are a good man.


Thomas F. Ging

P.S. I would also like to thank Susan Simonton, your P.A., and a consummate professional.