A Medical Miracle

My eternal gratitude to Dr. William A. Leone, Jr. He is a superb clinician who took a crippled woman and made her whole again. After four years of pain and being unable to walk erect, he replaced my hip and returned me to normalcy. I am now able to enjoy life again. My recovery was amazing. I was fully rehabilitated in four weeks. I’m seventy-eight years old.

I had been putting off dealing with my arthritic right hip because I had such a difficult recovery after my left hip was replaced four years prior. It has never felt really comfortable. My new hip was already better than the left one just four weeks after surgery. What a completely different experience this time.

The entire process from our first meeting through the procedure, hospitalization and after care was exceptional. Dr. Leone instilled such confidence in me; he alleviated any apprehensions I had. He is sincere, caring and has great empathy for his patients.

Dr Leone’s team–Susan, Diane, Julie, and Rose–could not be better and more efficient. Everyone in the office handled all phases with accuracy and [timeliness]. You cannot make a better choice than Dr. Leone.

Holy Cross Hospital was also exceptional. Simply, everyone was kind and competent. The extra services which Dr. Leone’s team was able to arrange, like the private room and VIP meals, made the experience even more exceptional.


Suni J. Lieber