Dear Dr. Leone,

After hiking all day up and down stairs built by the lost population of the Incas on the last stretch of the Inca trail, I reached the summit and the view of Machu Picchu with joy, feeling on top of the world! The next day we explored the site of Machu Picchu – no rest between the days, lots of steps up & down (some incredibly steep), and I did it all with joy and not a bit of pain!

I also walked bridges in the Amazon that were suspended 120′ over the jungle floor, climbed in and out of boats, toured many cities (both modern and old) and other archeological sites, and shopped galore.

 ShellyBuncher #1Shelly Buncher #2

Thank YOU for my new right hip that allowed me to accomplish this amazing adventure!!!!


Shelly Macin Buncher