Dear Dr. Leone,

As per our earlier follow up visit today, I just wanted to take a moment to again express to you my utmost appreciation for your exceptional quality of work, your wonderful “bedside” demeanor, for the overall atmosphere you create and the confidence you exude. I truly believe that because of those reasons, my motivation to enjoy a speedy recovery was enhanced.

Here I am just two weeks past my total knee replacement surgery and I find myself being told by you that I no longer need physical therapy and that my healing process shows that I am significantly ahead of the projections that I had been given.

I came to you four years ago because you were the best known and best respected surgeon in the area to do hip replacements, however, I must say that your reputation for knee replacements is dramatically understated. Keeping in mind that I have rheumatoid arthritis for almost 30 years and have had multiple problems due to this condition, you did a fantastic job with both my hip and knee and I would highly recommend you for either procedure to any of my family members and friends who would need either procedure done.

Once again, thank you for all you have done. You and your entire staff are dedicated professionals who have made a positive change in my life.

My best,
Sharon Gelbwaks