Dear Dr. Leone,

Words may not be adequate to thank you and your staff for how the two hip replacements have changed my life over five years ago. I was taking eight ibuprofen each day, which weren’t even adequate to mitigate the bone-grinding pain I experienced with every step. Now, twenty-five pounds lighter and feeling great, I never think about the old hips. I am active, happy and totally pain free. I have no limitations whatsoever and appreciate your sincerity and professionalism from my first appointment with you to the most recent.

My first appointment with you was ten years ago. I had trepidations regarding surgery and you assured me that the decision was mine. You told me to come back ‘when you can’t stand the pain any more.’ I returned to you five years later and I felt welcomed and in the best of hands. The only thing that has changed since first becoming your patient is your brand new Leone Center for Orthopedic Care. The Center is absolutely gorgeous, but your staff remains as personable and professional as ever.

To any patient considering having a surgery with you, I would say ‘look no further, because you’ve found the best.’

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and those who love me!!”


Rob Kenner